Friday, 18 July 2014

Its not time to say good bye yet!

Oh hello!

Yes I'm still here ........

......... and yes I know I've neglected you! I'm sorry!

I know you thought that as I'd got the all clear I'd just bugger off  and leave you!

....... but I couldn't do that to you ....... we've been through so much.....

...... and I know its been two months since we last spoke but suddenly life took off and I've been living it to the full ....... I'm sure you'll understand especially when I tell you about my friend who has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour. (future blog post)

I have missed you and our chats though .......  just not had the time to write!

So here I am .......

Is this goodbye?

Well! during my dance you asked me not to give up writing the blog and since the all clear I have gained more readers, several of whom, who after reading the blog in its entirety have asked me to continue writing.......

What can I write about??

Well, I am still having regular consultant appointments but now you know me so well you'll be able to write them for me ........ left ridiculously early, no parking spaces at RD&E, clinic running one and a half hours late etc!

Ok how about life after the dance?

My ramblings.......

 ...... I have kept up the running and am doing around three miles a day four or five days a week although some of you will know and for those that don't I had an accident a couple of weeks ago where I went arse over tit, crossing the road in Bideford (and that was before a drink) and seriously hurt myself, bruising my knees, hands and right leg. So nine days without running......

At least  I was still able to hobble out for a three mile walk with the doggens.
However prior to that I had even gone out morning and evening and run a total of six miles on a couple of occasions.

Everyone is joking that I'll be running marathons soon but actually its not really my thing ......... famous last words I know but of course you'll be the first to know when I've signed up to one because I'll be wanting your money for a breast cancer charity!

I'll never know what caused my breast cancer ...... it would be great to know so I could poke it in the eye with a sharp stick but that's not going to happen so a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted I will continue to improve my lifestyle, hence the running and continued diet of eight to nine portions of fruit and veg a day.

Interestingly Breakthrough Breast Cancer currently have a campaign at the moment about How active are you? Raise your pulse, reduce your risk

Apparently 30 minutes of daily physical activity or 3.5 hours a week can reduce the risk of breast cancer by at least 20%.

Stable door and horse spring to mind ........ but ....... its never too late and I'm doing my best to prove it and inspire others!

So I'm thinking its not time to say good bye yet!

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