Friday, 9 May 2014

The wait goes on .................

You may remember that after my mammogram on the 4th April I was told that if they needed to recall me it would be within two weeks. If not they would send the results to Mr. Ferguson who would then write to me with them. If I hadn't heard anything within four weeks I'd need to phone Mr.F's secretary.

Today is exactly five weeks since my mammogram..........

I haven't heard anything!

Now you may wonder why I didn't phone Mr. F's secretary last week when the four weeks was up.

Well you should know me by know ........ put off today what you can do tomorrow ......... especially when it involves phoning someone who never answers the phone when I call and doesn't return answer phone messages or the answer phone cuts off before I can leave my number...... this sort of thing makes me anxious.......... that's why OH has usually phoned in the past.

This morning whilst OH was at a market I gave myself a strict talking to and looked up the number.

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather ........ four rings and Mr.Ferguson's secretary answered!

I explained everything, gave her my hospital number and she looked me up on her computer.

'The last letter you should have received was dated the 8th March'

'Yes that was the results of my cyst removal'

'Um, there's nothing else. I'm new here and can only look at letters sent so I need to speak to a colleague and phone you back.'

Oh bugger I was going to be in and out all day and the previous secretary wouldn't leave a message!

'If I'm not here you can leave a message'

'Thank you'

Sounded promising.

Anyway she phoned about an hour later .......

'I have just finished typing you a letter with your results, so we now need Mr. Ferguson to have a few spare minutes to sign it and it will be with you very soon. You have a follow up appointment with him on the 6th August which we'll still keep. So the letter will be with you very soon'

' Can't you give me my results over the phone?'

'No sorry, not until Mr. Ferguson has signed the letter.'

Soooooooooooooooo the wait goes on ............


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